Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tiny little pussy named Lucy

Tiny little pussy

Tiny little pussy for you

This is a short erotic poem named after a naughty girl

Lucy who had a tiny little pussy.

Tiny little pussy named Lucy

when he comes to me i'm ready,
telling him that i'm his lady ,
sitting undressed steady,
i'm waiting for you horny buddy,
to kiss my whole body,
and you are already not, somebody,
suddenly you will be in my soggy
juicy tiny little pussy,
and yes i'm his horny juicy
tiny little pussy named lucy.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My juicy pussy lips

Juicy pussy lips story

Hot story just for you, from my juicy pussy.

My juicy pussy was so so, damn licked do you want to know how? Read the rest of the text, and I hope that, you will like my juicy pussy lips story.

It was morning and I get up, trying to remember what happened last night,
then i went in shower to refresh myself when i finished with showering, I make myself cup of coffee, and then all of a sudden I had a flash back about last night and was starting to remember things. I was going in the hotel because I had a sex date with some men that I meet last night, I was entering in the elevator, pressing number seven floor, walking down the hall approaching to the door, and I heard music, I knock, men opened the doors, we introduced each other, he gave me a drink, and after a drink I do not remember anything anymore. He started to take off my clothes, kissing me, tried to tie me to the bed but I didn't want, He undressed himself, undressed and me, started to kissing me all over my body, slowly descended down kisses on breasts, stomach and finally came to my juicy pussy, I was so horny my pussy is so juicy leaked and he soaked up all the juices, kissed my juicy pussy lips as if he kissed my lips on the mouth, and I sighed, enjoyed and I fell into a trance, I felt his tongue how penetrates into my juicy pussy how he sucking all the juices from my pussy as if  he kisses with his lips my juicy pussy lips how his tongue rubbed my clit, and I sighed, and he again scored his tongue deep into my pussy and his lips kissed my juicy pussy Swollen lips, I enjoyed it, and he did not stop to fuck me with his tongue, I squeezed his head with my legs to dive into my juicy pussy, to soak all the juices out of her, from my juicy pussy, I felt amazing with his tongue, that I could not help but gasp, to crawl on his tongue, I felt so good, feel him in my juicy pussy, he was better than a dick and only his lips over my juicy pussy lips mmm what a pleasure, which were so so juicy, Swollen and I started to fuck myself on his tongue that was so hard, right and felt good in my pussy, which absorbed the juices from her and kissed with his lips my juicy lips which merged with his lips and then I was finished, and then I woke up and went home, the man was not there in the room, the only thing I managed to find is a panties and to put cream on my pussy, because I had little to cuddle her, refresh her​​, because she gave me a satisfaction that I will never forget, very good and horny mood that I felt with her, and now I am horny again and I'm gonna have to cuddle my pussy, which always turns me on, and yet is wet my pussy.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

My short erotic poem

My short erotic poem just 4 you

Enjoy in my short erotic poem

And tell me what you think about my short erotic poem. 

Pleased and released
Whether you want to choose if you want to be in mood or you want to lose,
with just one your hot look i will be freezed and you will be pleased,
feel my tongue on your long,
pull me down so i can rip your pants,
to take the cock that i look,
i will suck and you will fuck,
me in throat,
then you will load like the bull ,
you will pull my head on your tool,
i'm loaded and you are unloaded,
feeling so pleased and released.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Adult erotic fiction

This post is the announcement of our next exciting adult erotic fiction tales, erotic poems, and a lot of hot stuff.

I'll tell you sexy stories that will

make you horny and excited

that will make you cum.

Adult erotic fiction will make you horny and will provide you a pleasure in your foreplay with you and your partner.

I'll tell you stories that will make you horny and bring you to the point of saturation and more than that, read with me, let your imagination to lead you to the peak. I also hope that you and my imagination will lead you to the peak and you will enjoy in every sentence, every story in every my short erotic poem in every erotic fiction that I will provide for you. Let our imagination to take us on an unforgettable fiction that I will carry forward, and even now I think about some hot stuff, already now comes to my mind many many things that I could tell you, but I will not in this post, I will in the next, tell you one nice story and I'll talk to you every day adult erotic fiction that will satisfy us every day, every night, every time you visit me in this my blog. Adult erotic fiction just for you.

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