Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hairy pussy

Hairy juicy pussy

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Hot hairy moisten clit

Hairy pussy

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

My masturbation fantasy

How I masturbate with my masturbation fantasy

So join me to masturbate together, with my masturbation fantasy.

My masturbation fantasy

I'm lie naked down on bed opening my legs,
touching my neck with one finger on my lip and other finger on my clit,
starting to circling, starting to rubbing my moisten tiny swelled clit,
imagining your dick how entering and fits in my clit,
starting to wiggling, sighing and feeling that you are with me, on me, in me.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Hot sex poem

Hot sex poem that rhymes

Enjoy in my hot sex poem that I wrote for you

Hot sex poem

My pussy is so zeal,

waiting for you until,

your dick starts to drill,

i'm so damn thrill,

I feel how you drill,

you completely seal 
my clit lil,
and i want you still,
to together enjoy in our fire will.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cum on my big tits sexual experience

Cum on my big tits story

My sexual experience how I was fucked between tits and how I licked cum from them.

I'm starting to take off my clothes, taking off my underwear and bra from my big tits, starting to cuddling myself and imagine our night together, I'm cuddle myself all over my body I'm cuddling my big tits. You coming and takes off all your clothes, and pulling out your big tool and approaching to my big tits i pressing them and you pushing your dick between them mmm how nice fits your cock between my big tits, you start to fuck me faster and harder. Between tits and i pressing them to feel your dick between them and suddenly you starting to cum on my big tits, you sighing and stroking harder and harder you are load so much your cum on my big tits. Your cum is Dripping down from them, I'm taking both of them and lick your cum on my big tits. You are kissing me and lick them together with me. My big girls. You fucked them so well and rewarded them with your cum mmm, you licked them like a baby. This our hard tool is stroke us so good I'm telling mine big girls and now we have to lick ourselves and suck, your dick starts again to rise and i cuddle them and licking your cum on my big tits your silky, sticky semen dripping down from my breast, i pushing them again so they can kiss each other so you can to fuck them well, you starting to push him between them you are slapping them my big tits with your hard dick, I'm pushing them and you fucking them, harder and harder, faster and faster i wanna feel again your cum on my big tits mmm you are so damn good dick is fucking them excellent they are yours bitches they just want your big hard rock to be between them please them well and stroke them they are yours lascivious slots, they just want your big hard cock and your cum on my big tits.

I hope that you like this my sexual experience how I was fucked between tits and how I felt cum on my big tits and how I licked cum from them.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

erotic sex poem

Enjoy in this erotic sex poem

Erotic sex poem just for you, to make you horny.

I hope you'll like this short erotic sex poem that rhymes.

Erotic sex poem

Give me something sweet,
that will be maybe that i want,
to lick like your dick,
You are telling me to suck,
your big hard as a rock,
it's just enough one look,
to give me your cock,
that i took.