Wednesday, November 27, 2013

erotic sex poem

Enjoy in this erotic sex poem

Erotic sex poem just for you, to make you horny.

I hope you'll like this short erotic sex poem that rhymes.

Erotic sex poem

Give me something sweet,
that will be maybe that i want,
to lick like your dick,
You are telling me to suck,
your big hard as a rock,
it's just enough one look,
to give me your cock,
that i took.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Hot sexy story

Enjoy in my hot sexy story

And be a part of my hot sexy story

So start enjoying in my hot sexy story

Hot sexy story, sexy story

Night falls, on my mind coming provocative thoughts , I hear only the heartbeats and sighs, I hear you coming, slowly opening a door. I Hear only your steps and my sighs, getting close to me, my heart beating faster and faster my breaths are shallower and shallower, with your hand you touching me, as to break my, consciousness, reality ceases passion arises with your hands caress me and hug me, I feel your firmness of desire how he Irritating me with his hand under my panties, I sigh deeply, your touches leading me into unconsciousness, I give up and fall on the bed, I wider legs, to feel you the whole, on me, in me, I'm taking off a transparent nightgown, you undress yourself all of your clothes and rip it. Kissing me all over my body and I curl and sigh mmm that is good. Hot sexy your body on me I feel how you penetrate deep into me with your hot tool as you rub my clit and how you more and more and more are deeply inside me, as if already someone talking me this hot sexy story with you my sexy lover, I feel you whole in me I feel your hard and hot tool how fulfill my juicy pussy I hold for bed, I wider legs to so you can go in even deeper in me, I feel your whole hot sexy body mmm yeah I do not want that our hot sexy story ends here tonight I want to be with you in more of these hot sexy stories that will fulfill me everyday I twitch from the excitement, as if you taking me in even bigger your fantasy you talking on my ear that we will repeat many more such of these hot sexy stories that satisfy both of us, I want to be yours forever want to be always in your hot sexy story. Take me with your imagination into an adventure that you can just  tell me with your hot thoughts, with your hot sexy body, I will be always part of your hot sexy story, and you'll always be part of my hot sexy story ... Hold me, feel me all firmly as I feel you all over in this our hot story that only you can tell me so well and so hot, mine horny-hot sexy story teller who're the only one in my sexual stories keep me in your thoughts. I want you to take me far away where I'll be yours forever where you'd be forever mine teller of these our hot sexy stories, tease me, fire me, hug me, be in me and on me with all your being, I need you, I want to feel  you every day I wish to talk to me this and the even better hot sexy story mine hot sexy story  teller, tell me all the time your best story about us and I'll be forever your beloved lady, I need your hot body, I need your hot thoughts mine hot sexy story teller.

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