Friday, January 10, 2014

Hot sex poem

Hot sex poem that rhymes

Enjoy in my hot sex poem that I wrote for you

Hot sex poem

My pussy is so zeal,

waiting for you until,

your dick starts to drill,

i'm so damn thrill,

I feel how you drill,

you completely seal 
my clit lil,
and i want you still,
to together enjoy in our fire will.

This is a slightly longer description of this hot sex poem that I wrote for you and I hope that you will like it, and if so then leave a comment, to hear and your opinions, because It is very important to see whether you are satisfied or not so that I can continue to go on with this exciting Sexy erotic poems that rhyme. I hope that my imagination meet your expectations, and you'll continue to follow my hot posts, that I decided to share with you. and if you like it, then you can do the same and share some of my hot poems, stories or pictures with your friends on social networks. This hot sex poem is somehow aesthetically written, that makes sense, in collusion with the rhymes. Because it is one, poetic style that is popular. Actually, this stylistic figure, for which I have already said, it is the most popular, but also to be incorporated with erotica that was my biggest challenge because I wanted to through this stylistic figure, express erotic sense or genre, which is not so common in poetry. Because the erotic genre is not so often in poetic version, that's why I ask you to express your opinions below in the comments for this hot sex poem, and tell me with your criticism which can give me a better insight into my work. Because of any criticism, only is worse praise.

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  1. Nice little hot erotic poem. I also write gay erotic fiction here on my blog hope u will like. Kiss